DH-18 – The tactical flyweight

To take flyweights up to fight against big boys might look unfair at a first glance. But we do it anyway. And we don’t even bother about our protegee, as he is capable to K.O. any of its opponents. Keep the ring ready for Lambda Labs subwoofers. Keep the ring ready for the revolutionary Digitalhorn DH-18.


QX3 Horntop

Extreme High Power 3-way Hornloaded Horizontal Clusterable Array providing Amplitude Shading

  • 32 x 2“ 1100W@ 64Ω
  • 8 x 1“ 1000W@64Ω  
  • 2 x 12” 2200W @ 8Ω
  • 87kg
High & Highmid Section can be controlled seperately


QX-3B Kickfiller

Extreme High Power Hornloaded Kick filler as lowmid extension for QX-3

  • 2x15” high excursion 4” VC driver
  • 4500W @ 4Ω
  • 76kg



TX-1A – 10 inch dimensions

The pattern is as simple as proven. Not to take half-measures is the name of the game. And in case of doubt better more than less. That rocks the world. Or is this merely a question of perspective? Perhaps we may introduce you our point of view? A yet undiscovered 10" dimension under the magnifying glass, the TX-1A.

TX-2A – 12 inch á la Lambda Labs

We didn’t count them yet. But in any case there are a lot of two way 12" loudspeakers out there. And some of them raise the bar pretty high. However in order to provide the audience with a new and impressive listening experience and likewise underline performance and multifunctionality, the Lambda Labs engineers hit the trail to find the TX-2A. And they found it. But not on an out stamped trail, but on new methodical and systematical trails.

TX-3A – Calibre 15 inch

Perhaps you’re also tired of toting around heavy gear? Then, how about taking a nut to crack a seldgehammer instead of the other way around? Allow us to recommend the calibre 15 inch or more precisely the TX-3A’s calibre 15 inch. There may be no need yet for a gun license, true. However, its lightness, SPL capability and dead-on precision do hit the bull’s eye.