TX-3A – Calibre 15 inch




High power 3-way fullrange top
1 x 15" high excursion 4" VC driver
1 x True Coaxial Point Source
HF-compression driver with 3.5" VC and 1.75" VC polyester diaphragm
1600W + 200W + 200W RMS amping power
Signal Processor
24bit ADC/DAC, 48kHz sample rate
Frequency Respose
60–22000Hz (+/- 3dB)
Coverage Angle
50° horizontal x 50° vertical
Monitor Angle
Crossover Frequency
700Hz / 6300Hz
98dB / 1W / 1m
XLR in / out
Powercon in / out
Rigid braced construction of special 12mm lightweight-wood
High density polyurethane-coating Black
Front Cover
Weather-resistant front fabric on coated 1.5mm perforated steel




Perhaps you’re also tired of toting around heavy gear? Then, how about taking a nut to crack a seldgehammer instead of the other way around? Allow us to recommend the calibre 15 inch or more precisely the TX-3A’s calibre 15 inch. There may be no need yet for a gun license, true. However, its lightness, SPL capability and dead-on precision do hit the bull’s eye.

Just don’t be afraid! Feel free to play your most audiophile track. At once, the threeway speaker TX-3A unfolds its entire arsenal of performance and almost limitless dynamic range. Sound and taste are famously open to dispute, but the continuous reactions of delight to our demonstrations of the TX series, particularly the TX-3A, confirm our extended and meticulous development work. And whenever this speakers 3D depth is compared to illustrious hifi-products, well, that makes us even happier. Coaxial high-mid frequency unit, stands for a brilliant and transparent sound reproduction allowing at the same time for the highest linearity and a faithfully detailed stereo imaging.

Sometimes we are even forced to pull some plugs during a demo to prove to the righteously skeptical listener, that there are indeed only two of the four TX-3A playing right now, or that subwoofers ready for demonstration are actually disconnected. There is an obvious reason for this: Given the compact dimensions of 29.2 x 17.4 x 19.3 inch and an incredibly light weight of 59.5 lbs, a first glance at the TX-3A could very well lead one to underestimate the largest loudspeaker of the TX series, rather than expecting such a tremendous output and low frequency reproduction. The cause is complex. The 15" long excursion driver with enormous power handling does not need to rely on additional sub bass reinforcement to deliver the lowest frequencies while having unique impulse response. This unit alone is driven by a 1600 Watt RMS amplifier module. Finally, two additional 200 Watt RMS amplifiers in the high and mid frequency range turns the TX-3A into a genuine tri-amp loudspeaker.

To achieve the high resolution and precise acoustic pattern, the low frequency speaker crosses over at as low as 700Hz from where the coaxial True Point Source high-mid frequency unit’s 3.5" and 1.75" coils takes over the job. A crossover of such low frequency results in an exceptionally smooth and well defined radiation pattern, since beaming effects and partial vibrations of the 15" chassis are starting far above its transmission range. The elliptical Constant Directivity horn gives the TX-3A its extremely even directivity down to 1kHz with a nominal coverage angle of 50° x 50°, making its use possible even under the most difficult acoustic conditions. Using FIR filters and Dual Range Converters tops off the TX-3A’s total package.

Our constant goal, uniting the greatest possible versatility in one product, is as much as possible realized in this fullrange speaker as it is the case in all of the loudspeakers in the TX series. Consistency in the Coherent Wavefront Design and the straightforward rigging allow for the TX-3A to be combined into a horizontal array in almost no time, and whenever things need to be more down to earth, it will serve just as well as a high end monitor in the near and farfield. As you can see, the TX-3A is capable of quite a lot. Would you even sleep better if you kept it underneath your pillow? Well, perhaps…